Five Florida Nurseries Approved To Grow Medical Marijuana | And The Tampa Tribune

Rick Scott, only nurseries that have been in business in Florida for at least 30 years and grow a minimum of 400,000 plants at the time they applied for a license were eligible to become one of the five dispensing organizations. The nurseries teamed with consultants, including out-of-state marijuana growers, in the hopes of edging out the competition. Four of the five winners of the licenses Chestnut Hill, Costa, Hackney and Knox were represented on the rulemaking committee. One of the more high-profile losers among the 28 applications was Loops Nursery, a Jacksonville grower that teamed up with the Stanley Brothers, a Colorado family that developed the Charlottes Web strain of cannabis whose name has become almost synonymous with low-THC, high-CBD medical marijuana. Peyton Moseley, the husband of committee member Holley Moseley, is also part of Loops team. Holley Moseley heads up the Realm of Caring Florida nonprofit organization also linked with the nursery. The Moseleys lobbied fiercely for the low-THC law on behalf of their daughter, RayAnn, last year. Nearly all of the winners are represented by some of Tallahassees most influential lobbyists. Costa is represented by the Southern Strategy Group, while lobbyist Brian Ballard represents Hackney and Jorge Chamizo is the registered lobbyist for Knox Nurseries.

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