Kindman’s Ryan Fox Wants To Be The Tv Dinner Of Weed – Tech Insider

Room 5.JPG Fox’s Kindman brand has 21 strains, which have now been on the recreational market for a year and a half, he said. Kindman is named after Colorado slang for marijuana “kind bud” referred to any type of cannabis that came from a specific strain or variety.”I wanted the reputation of having kind bud, so I decided to be the Kindman,” Fox said. But don’t let Fox’s expertise make you think he’s always been a hardcore hobbyist he said he was more of a “curious onlooker” before entering the industry himself. His professional interests electrical wiring, contracting, and commercial real estate are really what opened the door for him to become a weed tycoon. Now, Kindman products are sold in 25 dispensaries around the state, he said. “What we tried to do was allow the consumer to identify the product with a brand, instead of, ‘I’m going down to the dispensary to get what they have today,'” Fox said. “We’ve been able to offer stable pricing, and the biggest part of that is that we’ve been able to package and individualize the product.” Right now, Fox said, in Colorado, “there are more people trying to brand retail environments than prepackaged” cannabis. But putting more of an emphasis on prepackaged goods is, Fox believes, a much more economical way of doing things. As far as Birdseye, “what’s interesting about that is that he just didn’t change what people ate or how they ate it,” Fox said. “He just changed how they got it.” Fox has maintained the typical units of measurement for recreational marijuana smokers, who alwaysbought their pot by the gram or the “eighth,” which is three and a half grams. In this way, he differs from typical medical marijuana companies, which sell in bulk, then give customers larger quantities of cannabis.

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