Zona Politics With Jim Nintzel: Mcleod And Paton Look Ahead To 2016 | The Range: The Tucson Weekly’s Daily Dispatch | Tucson Weekly

(McLeod) Well, money, money, money, money … if I took a shot every time you say the word money in that last answer (Paton) It matters! (McLeod) I wouldn’t even be able to speak right now. (Nintzel) We’ve got some Whiskey del Bac on the shelf over here (Paton talking over both) Well, I’m not even … (McLeod) So here’s the reality. As we’ve seen in five or six elections in a row, outside groups are going to spend a ton of money in this district. Most of the money is not going to be spent by a candidate campaign. And while McSally is raising a ton of money, she spent over half a million dollars last quarter. She is not a great fundraiser when you look at how much money she spends just on postage and printing for her direct-mail fundraising. It is, I mean, she raised, I think $770,000 and spent $560,000 of it in the last quarter. So, clearly we need money to win, but both sides are going to have outside groups and committees spending money here.

To read more visit http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2015/12/11/zona-politics-with-jim-nintzel-mcleod-and-paton-look-ahead-to-2016

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