And Canada Using An Index Of Constituent Stocks. tracks cannabis-related stocks in the U.S. and Canada using an index of constituent stocks. In the days following Spicers comment, the U.S. marijuana stock index fell sharply, Leafly says. According to CNN Money , the following are just two of several marijuana stocks that have recently taken a hit as a result of Trumps perceived stance on pot: Weed Inc.: The penny stock for this company, which purchases land to lease to pot growers, nosedived 10 percent the day after Spicers comments. Innovative Industrial Properties : The share price for the company that purchases buildings and leases them to medical marijuana growers has declined a steep nearly 8 percent since last week. CNN Money says other marijuana stocks including Medical Marijuana, Pineapple Express, Hemp Inc. and GrowLife also took a plunge after Spicers marijuana comments made headlines. To learn how you can profit from pot legalization, check out 3 Ways You Can Make Some Green from Legal Marijuana . What do you think about legalizing pot for medicinal Green Rush use? Do you feel differently about recreational marijuana?

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