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We collectively four, five or six years from now, maybe even sooner will talk about legalizing marijuana, Evans said. People dont want to talk about it now, but if you look across the nation in the states that have it, theyre claiming its a great revenue source for them. Green explained that increasing pay for educators should be a top priority, however it can be accomplished, because of the Marijuana Stocks inherent investment value of spending on education initiatives. Every $1 we invest in education, we know we get $7-$10 dollars back, whether its through better jobs, economic growth or decreased utilization of any number of services, Green said. Email Max Dible at . Rules for posting comments Comments posted below are from readers. In no way do they represent the view of Oahu Publishing Inc. or this newspaper.This is a public forum. Comments may be monitored for inappropriate content but the newspaper is under no obligation to do so. Comment posters are solely responsible under the Communications Decency Act for comments posted on this Web site. Oahu Publishing Inc.

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