During This Phase We See How The Focus On Medical Cannabis Is Really About Profit And Not Necessarily The Health Of Patients.

Zoning Boards across Pennsylvania are passing a flurry of local regulations in an effort to roll out the green carpet for medical cannabis companies. But these hometown exercises are less about getting warehouses water connections and more about public relations campaigns by businesses to win coveted permits. During this phase we see how the focus on medical cannabis is really about profit and not necessarily the health of patients. We’ve seen it before in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland. It isn’t pretty. The Pennsylvania Department of Health is taking applications for a handful of first-round permits being allowed for growing marijuana and dispensing a limited range of cannabis marijuana products. The application forms were released last month and will only be accepted during a four-week window that closes March 20. Short deadlines, limited permits, a sexy product, and the promise to future riches have applicants falling out of the woodwork. A sudden groundswell of support has materialized despite high fees, steep liquid capital requirements and seemingly dauntless regulations. We see investors and local officials walking hand-in-hand as businesses angle for permits from the Waynesboro Board of Education to a group of landowners in Wyoming County. Polling shows 80 percent of Pa.

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