He Already Came Out And Said He Wouldnt Interfere With State Marijuana.

GW Pharmaceuticals Karnes is personally invested in GW Pharmaceuticals , a biotech company that developed cannabinoid drugs for the treatment of multiple-sclerosis related spasticity and epilepsy-related seizures. Given the medical benefits cannabis and cannabinoids have shown for many patients, especially children suffering with epilepsy, it would be very difficult and unpopular for politicians to try to crack down on medical cannabis development at this stage, Karnes said. Despite market volatility and industry concerns over the coming presidential administration, Shapiro maintains a sunny outlook for the cannabis industry heading into Donald Trumps presidency. Hes still betting on marijuanas long-term investment potential. I dont think Donald Trump wants to crack down on marijuana businesses in states, Shapiro says. I know Donald, and hes a businessman. He already came out and said he wouldnt interfere with state marijuana. Shapiro predicts Trump will push marijuana banking reforms through Congress within his first year in office and Marijuana Stocks even thinkshellpush for full legalization sometime during his first term. If those predictions pan out, 2017 could be a very smart time to invest in the legal cannabis industry. ________________________________________________________ 6 cannabis stocks to watch in 2017 GW Pharmaceuticals GW Pharmaceuticals is a British biopharmaceutical company that developed Sativex, a cannabis-based drug used to treat spasticity due to multiple sclerosis. The drug is approved for use in 16 countries outside the United States.

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