He Suggested A Residency Requirement For Applicants With Ownership Or A Controlling Interest For At Least The First Year Of The Program.

“We’re the ones who fought for this,” Mottola said during a public meeting about the proposed cultivator licensing process. “Allowing people from outside the state is not benefiting Ohio or Ohioans or our unemployment.” Several people spoke in favor of a residency requirement Monday during the final public comment period on the cultivator rules. Others criticized the high cultivator fees, which would cost more than programs in all but two medical marijuana states , and the requirement that local officials approve of a business’ plan to locate there. A panel of state lawmakers will meet in a few weeks to review the rules, which must be finalized by May 6 . Residency Medical marijuana requirements Residency requirements have been part of several other states’ medical and recreational marijuana programs. For example, Colorado required licensees live in the state at least two years before applying for a license. Lawmakers there recently reduced the requirement to one year and allowed greater out-of-state investment. Ohio has no such requirement for cultivators, processors or dispensary owners, but testing labs are limited to Ohio colleges and universities for the first year of the program. Kevin Schmidt of the national group Marijuana Policy Project said it might be difficult for Ohioans to compete for licenses with more experienced out-of-state companies. He suggested a residency requirement for applicants with ownership or a controlling interest for at least the first year of the program. “Ohioans should be given a chance to get established,” Schmidt said.

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