He Would Repeat That After Hearing: Of Far Greater Importance Is The Fact That As We Age, We Become More Susceptible To Sales Pitches And Pressure From Those Who Target Older People With Assets …

The former Dean of Business at the State University of New York at Buffalo has thoughtfully and clearly prepared a financial road map for the elderly, their children, and families with kids who will likely remain lifelong failures, needing to be protected from their own financial incompetence. Mandell is a founder of the field of financial literacy, and the books subtitle is, A Radically Safe Approach to a Difficult Financial Era. The opening chapters are what my reader and his father must read. After 60, Mandel points out, our ability of making sound financial decisions begins to decline. Thats my dad! he shouted. He would repeat that after hearing: Of far greater importance is the fact that as Green Rush we age, we become more susceptible to sales pitches and pressure from those who target older people with assets … [at] free luncheons or dinners offered with sales seminars. We should resolve to not hurt the ones we love while we still have the mental capacity to do so. Introducing the concept of Aging in Place, you can almost hear Mandell asking readers: If your house is the right size for just the two of you and is paid for then why move away from family and friends? Living safely and comfortably in accessible homes as we get older, often to the very end of our lives, thats Aging in Place and requires, accepting the fact that mobility decreases with age. … ideally this means the safety of a single story, Who wouldnt like to have a guaranteed monthly income for the rest of your life, regardless of how long you live or what dumb mistakes you might end up making along the way?

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