Here Comes The Sun.

Considering most credit card APRs can be in the 16 percent to 25 percent range, your net savings could range from $2,100 to $3,450. If a Medical marijuana penny saved is a penny earned, that’s a pretty easy way to make money. Courtesy SolarCity/AP Photos 4. Here comes the sun. “On average, a homeowner is likely to spend over $30,000 on electricity over the next 20 years,” says Vikram Aggarwal, CEO and founder of Energysage, an online solar energy marketplace. “Installing solar panels significantly reduces or can even eliminate those electricity costs. This frees up capital for you to invest elsewhere, such as reinvesting the savings at regular installments back into the market.” Some states allow homeowners to “sell” their energy back to a utility through solar renewable energy certificates, which can net as much as $2,500 a year. 6. Make life less taxing. Technically, this is a “financial investment,” as a quality CPA costs more to hire. But they’re also more thorough, and for those in the exploding freelance economy, it’s a must to have an ace accountant who can claim every possible tax deduction the law will allow. So if you pay her $500 but she gets you an extra $1,000 in refunds from the year before, you’ve just snagged $500 without so much as lifting a pinky.

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