However, The Truth Of The Matter Is That Its Going To Be Almost Impossible For Most Individual Investors To Do That.

What would you recommend? Bocskor: I wish there was an easier answer to this than the one Im about to give. The truth of the matter is I can suggest investors do their own due diligence, and they read all of the filings and other information about the company. I can suggest they Green Rush should call the company directly and speak to them. I can suggest that they should call the companys customers and ask to speak to their customers. I could suggest that they should ask the company to give them access to their vendors to call them and see does the company pay their bills on time, are they a good customer, are they a good actor in the business community? I can make those suggestions, which are good suggestions, and any investor that has the time to do it, I would suggest they do it. However, the truth of the matter is that its going to be almost impossible for most individual investors to do that. Only the biggest investors that will be taken seriously by the company would be able to get that type of access. So, the small investors find themselves in a very difficult position, especially when you cant find any ETFs or sector-based funds that are trading or available for investors to look at. So then the answer is they have to find people like Alan Brochstein at 420 Investor, or the guys at ArcView, people like that to give them some guidance as an individual investor.

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