It Has Seen Massive Growth, Now Catering To More Than 150,000 Patients, And Founders Want To Roll The Platform Out To Other States Where Medical Cannabis Has Been Legalized.

But just because it’s harder for the little guy to make a buck doesn’t mean it’s impossible, Dayton said. “Almost all opportunities open to nonaccredited investors are ancillary companies that don’t touch the plant directly,” Dayton said, noting there are plenty of these to go around. Ancillary companies include anything from soil and growing supply companies to vaporizer companies. Crowdfunding gives hope to the little guy Another option is private companies that choose the crowdfunding route. Billing itself as “the Amazon of cannabis,” Hello MD is a tech startup opening up investment opportunities to small-time investors. A California-based company, Hello MD provides a simplified solution for medical marijuana patients. It connects patients with doctors who Green Rush can recommend a marijuana treatment, and it curates a marketplace for dispensaries to sell their products to patients. It has seen massive growth, now catering to more than 150,000 patients, and founders want to roll the platform out to other states where medical cannabis has been legalized. First on the list?

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