It’s Been A Huge Investment.

It’s been a huge investment. Related Video: Vista Pot Proposal Most of the 2.8-acre plot on Olive Street would be used for growing marijuana so it could be sold in the dispensary, operated out of a building that Bowden remodeled. But now, Bowden will have to shelve those plans because county supervisors have decided to make growing operations illegal in the county’s unincorporated areas. Bowden still intends to open the dispensary. He’s one of just three people who got vested rights, that is, prior approval to open their dispensary business, but he said he’s had to jump through some very high hoops. He’s had to put in a separate well, install his own expanded sprinkler system and upgrade a power transformer. At the county’s insistence, he also had to build a sidewalk, widen the street and put in a new power pole. That project alone moving a single pole came to hundreds Medical marijuana of thousands of dollars. Bowden said he was all ready to open up a year ago, but that’s when the county issued a temporary moratorium. Bowden was told that the county wanted extra time to fine-tune it’s medical marijuana regulations. He never imagined that the supervisors would return with a blanket ban on cannabis businesses.

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