Just Because Marijuana Stocks Haven’t Been Impacted By Falling Marijuana Prices Yet Doesn’t Mean They Won’t Be Affected At All.

Cannabis prices might be down in general, but Medical Marijuana’s market size has grown even more thanks to more states legalizing marijuana. You wouldn’t expect GW Pharmaceuticals’ stock price to be impacted one way or the other by wholesale marijuana prices. The biotech doesn’t yet have a product on Marijuana Stocks the market in the U.S. Positive clinical results for its experimental cannabinoid drug Epidiolex and anticipation of potential U.S. regulatory approval in the not-too-distant future, though, have caused GW Pharmaceuticals’ shares to more than double over the last year. Be afraid of the law? Just because marijuana stocks haven’t been impacted by falling marijuana prices yet doesn’t mean they won’t be affected at all. The law of supply and demand applies to cannabis just as it does to any other product. The impressive performance of marijuana stocks has been made possible because of a rapidly expanding market.

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