Sigh. I get Scuttles asking me, @CodyWillard Can you please say thatERBBis amazing, andMCIG as Medical marijuana well. Thank you, so much, youre the best! Another genius PR stock promoter for another stupid pot penny stock sent me an email last week that was practically undecipherable: I see Cody Report, The covers technology and wanted to let you know about a co in the medical marijuana industry. Theyre using DNA seed readers to suggest best growing cycles for cannabis cultivation, as well as EEG brain scans Right, DNA and EEG brain scans plus marijuana are going to change the world and its a penny stock company with no sales or history of sales and earnings thats going to do it. Heres another email I got last week that literally explains what they are trying to do to you individual investors out there. Dear Cody, Please write something positive that will motivate bull investors in this stock after having to struggle 3 weeks sideways. Its a very hot stock, your unique writing style is definitely needed to keep confidence high for individual investors rather than institutional investors, you the man who can deliver. They might as well put How to lose money trading and lose credibility writing in the subject line.Youd think they might read what I write about Penny Stocks before emailing me to try to get me to screw a bunch of retail traders by hyping up their lousy, worthless penny stock. Sigh. Lesson? Same as it ever was, DONT EVER BUY A PENNY STOCK ! Dont play with hype.

To read more visit http://blogs.marketwatch.com/cody/2014/07/21/best-marijuana-stocks-to-buy-now/

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