Maryland Del. Jazz Lewis and Broad Coalition of Advocates Call for Cannabis Legalization During Press Conference

Maryland Del. Jazz Lewis and Broad Coalition of Advocates Call for Cannabis Legalization During Press Conference

NOVATO, Calif., Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Trym, a pioneering cannabis cultivation software company, is pleased to announce the release of Touchless Harvesting, a patent-pending technology that allows cultivators to compliantly and expeditiously scan, weigh, and record plant tags while harvesting cannabis plants via a mobile device.

Touchless Harvesting saves cultivators time by providing the most efficient method for recording each plant’s weight in accordance with state regulations without touching their mobile devices.

Touchless Harvesting helps growers:

  • save hours harvesting and remain in strict compliance with CDFA.
  • scan plant tags via a phone or tablet without touching the device.
  • complete harvests without ever logging into METRC.
  • automate weight recording via Bluetooth scale integrations.
  • keep sticky, trichome-covered fingers off their mobile devices.

“At Trym, we’re all about helping cultivators save time and streamline their operations. That’s why we created Touchless Harvesting. It’s a burden to harvest cannabis plants in California due to regulations that require tediously weighing each plant and reporting the weights to the state via METRC. Touchless Harvesting is the fastest way to harvest cannabis plants and report to METRC,” says Trym CEO Matt Mayberry. “The feedback so far has been fantastic and we look forward to expanding our reach in 2021.”

Trym launched Touchless Harvesting with longtime partner and customer FloraCal Farms in Santa Rosa, CA. Using Trym, FloraCal Farms was able to harvest, weigh, and report 680 plants all before lunch. Efficiency and compliance are top priorities for the FloraCal team who harvest every week in their 20,000 sq.ft. cultivation facility.

“The Touchless Harvesting feature is a great convergence of efficiency and compliance,” says Andrew Rayl, director of compliance for FloraCal Farms. “It allows us to remain in full compliance with even the most conservative interpretations of harvest regulatory requirements without sacrificing any time.”

Published at Tue, 26 Jan 2021 19:06:00 +0000

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