Medical marijuana rules advance in City Council

City Council Committee on Rules voted Wednesday to move an amendment sponsored by Councilmen Derek S. Green and Bobby Henon that allows for zoning of medical marijuana growers, processors and dispensaries within the city.

Bill 160919 defines “medical marijuana dispensary,” “medical marijuana growing and processing facility,” and outlines regulations and standards with regard to zoning and distance requirements for dispensaries and growing facilities. It comes as the city anticipates the state distribution of licenses for medical marijuana grow houses and dispensaries, expected to begin in the first quarter of 2017.

The committee also voted to lower the distance requirements outlined by state regulation, which means the city will have to ask for a state waiver.

In the state outlined regulations, medical marijuana grow houses, processors and dispensaries must be 1,000 feet from any regulated use property and 500 feet from any protected use property. Regulated use spaces include adult-oriented merchandise distributors, gun shops, billiards and tattoo shops. Protected use space includes schools, day cares and churches.

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