My Parents Are In Their Late 70s, Own Their Small Home, Are Financially Secure With No Debt, But Recently Dad Has Begun Attending Free Steak Dinner Seminars And Investing In All Kinds Of Things, Losing Money.

My parents are in their late 70s, own their small home, are financially secure with no debt, but recently dad has begun attending free steak dinner seminars and investing in all kinds of things, losing money. When I talk with him about this, he gets defensive and tells me, I know what Im doing I dont want to out-live our money. Even though everyone in the family gets along well, he is talking about moving to a retirement community, 2,000 miles from us! Next, Jimmy Green Rush continued, two of our three adult sons are total failures lazy, irresponsible goof-offs. One is a 30-year-old mommas boy from my first marriage. She gives him an allowance, pays his rent, car payment, cell phone, and he works part-time at a medical marijuana dispensary. The other is 21 and until we gave him a 30-day notice to move out, he did nothing except for playing video games. He has no ambition, is lazy with a capital L and financially irresponsible, like his older brother. Yet, we love them and worry about their future. And Jimmys concerns? How do I deal with my dad and address his worries of outliving his money so he doesnt lose any more or moving away from their support system, our family. Is there a way we can provide our sons an income source that will keep a roof over their heads for the rest of their lives, but which they could not cash out and blow?

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