Ocala weighs options for medical marijuana dispensaries

The Ocala City Council agreed during a workshop Tuesday to create three versions of a medical marijuana ordinance to go to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission next month. The move is to start deciding Ocala’s position on the issue as Florida’s licensed dispensers begin looking for places to set up shop.

The council appeared to approve allowing at least some medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, as long as it can control the number and where they can do business. But council members may have to do so only after they overturn a mayoral veto as Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn warned he would veto a council vote to allow such businesses here.

That was the sentiment during the workshop as the council agreed to send to the P and Z commission three potential ordinances: one to allow the dispensaries, albeit with restrictions; one for a moratorium on the businesses to give the city more time to consider the issue; and one banning the dispensaries outright.

Councilman Jay Musleh said he would support a moratorium on the dispensaries for now and later would “probably allow some” in commercial areas at specific distances from churches, schools, day care facilities, parks and recreation centers.

To read more: http://www.ocala.com/news/20161011/ocala-weighs-options-for-medical-marijuana-dispensaries

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