Odds Of Success Republicans Are In Control Of Congress At The Moment, So The Chances Are Not Quite As Good As If Congress Were Democrat Controlled.

And now, because of Trump’s threat, members of Congress are starting to act. Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) are working on passing a bipartisan bill, originally introduced by Bernie Sanders in 2015: the ” Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 .” If passed and signed into law, this bill would be groundbreaking. It would finally settle the question of whether or not states could legalize marijuana without facing any threats. Federal legalization will also likely result in marijuana stock IPOs. NASDAQ rejected MSRT, back in May of 2016, and a large reason for that has to do with the fact that pot is still illegal on the federal level. Odds of Success Republicans are in control of Congress at the moment, so the chances are not quite as good as if Congress were Democrat controlled. However, according to PEW , even among Republicans, 41% want to see marijuana legalized. In total, 57% of Americans want to see pot legalization, and only 37% oppose it. Many Republicans may also want to follow through with the “states rights” rhetoric, and thus support the bill, even if they oppose legal marijuana. Moreover, there are currently 28 states Medical marijuana where at least medical marijuana is legal.

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