Others Said, Listen, Have You Thought About Whether This Could Hurt Your Reputation?

They intend to keep the business in the family, but havent ruled out taking Snider Health public. For now, its important to maintain integrity and not be pressured by thousands of shareholders in terms of the business decisions you make, she said. Snider Health is partnering with the Clinic , a Denver company that operates multiple grow houses and marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, Nevada, and Illinois. They bring expertise in all aspects, she said, from the actual growing of plants to the architecture. Ed Snider was initially a bit nervous when Lindy made her first forays into the marijuana industry, she said. When I first started, he said, You cant use your name. But I said, I dont have another name. ” After some business study and personal experience he changed his mind. Once he became ill, he saw medical marijuana in a different light. He Green Rush became very open to the business itself,” she said. “It was too hard to ignore all the people he saw being helped with this. But her friends and colleagues were scandalized. Some people said, Youre out of your mind. Others said, Listen, have you thought about whether this could hurt your reputation? But we felt it worth the risk.

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