Remember, There Is No Precedence For The Cannabis Industry, So Many Of These Companies Are Learning As They Go.

As the public’s stance on marijuana has both softened and brightened, individual states have taken advantage by passing recreational and/or medical cannabis legislation. North American sales of legal pot totaled $6.9 billion in 2016 according to cannabis research Green Rush firm ArcView Market Research, while investment firm Cowen & Co. anticipates legal sales growth of more than 23% per year through 2026. All of this data means one thing: a possible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on this growth by investing in marijuana stocks. More From Only there’s one pretty major catch: Most marijuana stocks are a fundamental train wreck. Marijuana stocks are fundamental mess Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENT If there’s one thing that nearly all marijuana stocks share in common, it’s that they’re losing money. Remember, there is no precedence for the cannabis industry, so many of these companies are learning as they go. The result is that all but one pot stock trading above a $200 million market value is losing money over the trailing-12-month period (we’ll get to that company a bit later). Marijuana businesses also face two major disadvantages that weigh on their ability to grow and expand. For starters, traditional cannabis businesses are unable to access basic banking services, which includes something as simple as a checking account. Since financial institutions answer to the federal government, and the latter currently lists cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance, and ergo illicit, dealing with weed businesses could be construed as money laundering.

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