See Also Why More People Are Signing Up For This Swanky Marijuana Dinner Party A Lot Of People Are Still Embarrassed To Admit They Like It, Said One 55-year-old Midtown Private Equity Wife Who Is A Partner In Lord Jones, A Cannabis-infused Product Company.

This summer on the East End, edibles will be the new rose, declared Upper East Side chronicler Wednesday Martin. And Mack told The Post that she used to feel compelled to clarify that her 26-year-old, Harvard-educated son wasnt a pothead when he decided to start working in the industry two years ago. I had to tiptoe around it, said Mack, a Palm Beach resident with a pied-a-terre on the Upper East Side. But now it is such an open subject. I have people coming up to me, Oh, I know a lawyer who does [work in the cannabis field]. Or, This is an asset class that our company is looking into. Already, the green stuff is omnipresent at NYC charity events, including the ballyhooed Met Gala, according to the anonymous socialite. Every year, all those celebrities are standing in the bathroom vaping, said the socialite, adding that the Volcano a nearly $600 digital megavaporizer that converts cannabis more efficiently with minimal smell and fewer harmful effects than smoking is the go to Upper East Side party centerpiece. But not everyone is cool with Mary Jane. SEE ALSO Why more people are signing up for this swanky marijuana dinner party A lot of people are still embarrassed to Medical marijuana stocks admit they like it, said one 55-year-old Midtown private equity wife who is a partner in Lord Jones, a cannabis-infused product company. A lot of the time, the stigma comes from their husbands, who are generally the Masters of the Universe types. And there can be technical issues that some high rollers are still figuring out. Most people dont know how to dose marijuana, said the anonymous socialite.

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