Tetra Bio Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS:TBPMF) has engaged investor
relations firm LifeSci Advisors and a corporate communications firm LifeSci
Public Relations. The business guru seeks to make these two of its strategic

engagement between the parties

LifeSci will pay
focus to an investor relations and communications program and will see its
proper implement ion nod execution. Under this will be the analyst and investor
targeting/outreach, media engagement, and corporate communications. There will
also be the non-deal roadshows, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and social media

Tetra’s chief
scientific officer who is also its chief executive officer Guy
Chamberland says the engagement with LifeSci during is a
good thing. Discussions are based on strategies that will help them spark about
immense business growth.

The official also
speaks about multiple value-creating milestones insisting there is much to do
if they have to succeed. He is assertive on the need for them to communicate
their overarching value proposition to investors in a clear way. The industry
also needs to be aware of everything going on.

According to this
official, nothing is as important to them as the achievement of these key
inflection points.

Another official
working with Tetra Bio Pharma
in a recent interview said that everything with LifeSci
Advisors commenced August
6, 2019. This engagement was held for over 12 months. LifeSci Advisors will
have to be paid for the services it delivers. The total amount will add up to
about US$30,000 per month. There will also be a 5% annual increase of the
monthly fee as was disclosed by the company official.

focus into the future

Tetra Bio Pharma says it will continue working
closely with its subsidiaries. The business guru will pay more attention to
subsidiaries developing Veterinary Products and Bio
Pharmaceuticals containing cannabis. It also wants to ensure that all products
under its name contain other medicinal plant-based elements.

Some of the
parties set to benefit from the progressive moves by the company are
physicians, regulators, and insurance companies. Tetra agrees that indeed
serving healthcare providers and patients with novel treatments and drugs is a
challenging affair. However, it confirms that it will be aggressive to ensure
that nothing stops towards the provision of better healthcare services.