That, To Me, Just Makes Sense.

I served on the Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force and helped break up one of the major drug cartels coming into and through Iowa. I do not want illegal drugs in our communities, but that is not what this legislation is about. This is about letting people with chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, Crohns disease and other serious illnesses and ailments to get access, with a doctors permission, to something that will help reduce their pain and let them live their lives. That, to me, just makes sense. I would like to finish my work on enhancing Iowa law on keeping habitual violent domestic abuse offenders in our prison systems longer, improving our stalking laws, not allowing someone to follow you using the illegal placement of GPS device without a person knowledge. I would like to continue to work on issues of how tax payer money is being spent on incentives, grants, to corporations that already make millions and billions of dollars of profit. In part, to see if these incentives really create the jobs Medical marijuana Iowans want and need. If they are not doing the job they were intended to do, I would like to pull those back and get back to the tax payer or into programs that will increase pay and jobs here in the state. 3) As a law enforcement officer, I get the chance to interact with people from every walk of life.

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