The Bill Also Loans $3 Million From The States General Fund To The California Highway Patrol Until Proceeds For A State Tax On Marijuana Sales Begins Bringing In Money In 2018.

Under current law, a secretary of state can provide trademark protection for businesses at the state level, but only if they already have a federal trademark. Not being able to trademark your brand is a Medical marijuana huge setback if youre trying to get capital investment, Nate Bradley, a lobbyist for marijuana sellers, told non-profit journalism site If youre not able to protect what youre asking people to invest in, youre not likely to get investments. California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would provide that protection. Assembly Bill 64 expands provisions of the Model State Trademark law allow the state to grant trademarks to business that deal in medical cannabis and nonmedical cannabis goods and services. Assemblyman Rob Bonta, a Democrat representing the Oakland area, is lead author on the bill. Both Colorado and Washington have passed similar laws to offer marijuana businesses in those states trademark protection. Related: Luxury ‘Bong’ Maker Faces UniqueTrademarkInfringement Dilemma Other Provisions of Bill The bill also restricts advertising for marijuana businesses in California. Some restrictions were included in the amendment passed by voters in November 2016 to legalize recreational marijuana. They include prohibiting the placement of billboards advertising marijuana that are located on an interstate highway or state highway that crosses the border of any other state. Bontas bill would expand that language to include all interstate and state highways. It also expands the prohibition to medical cannabis businesses and authorizes the state to use special classification marks on marijuana-related products. The bill also loans $3 million from the states general fund to the California Highway Patrol until proceeds for a state tax on marijuana sales begins bringing in money in 2018. The money is aimed at funding the highway patrols efforts at establishing protocols for determining whether is driver is under the influence of marijuana.

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