The Bill Currently Working Its Way Through Mexico’s Legislative Branches Will Merely Make The Infrastructure Medical Marijuana Has Laid In Mexico All The More Effective — And Potentially Profitable.

This is big news for marijuana stocks, even if Mexico’s black market is massive as a result of its drug cartels. Legalizing medical weed would Marijuana Stocks give pot-based businesses yet another avenue to legally sell their product beyond Canada and the 28 U.S. states that have legalized physicians to prescribe the drug. According to Stuart Titus, the CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. ( NASDAQOTH:MJNA ), a Southern California-based provider of industrial hemp products, legalizing medical marijuana in Mexico represents a “$1 billion to $2 billion opportunity” in cumulative revenue over the next decade, according to an interview with Fortune . Of course, Medical Marijuana is no stranger to operating in Mexico. HempMeds Mexico, which is Medical Marijuana’s distribution branch in the country, was the first company to be allowed to import cannabis products into Mexico (non-psychoactive cannabidiol products, not THC). The bill currently working its way through Mexico’s legislative branches will merely make the infrastructure Medical Marijuana has laid in Mexico all the more effective — and potentially profitable. Mexico’s medical marijuana legalization efforts also come shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada introduced a bill to legalize recreational weed. The demand for legal pot, be it medical or recreational, is exploding right before investors’ eyes, and producers with the capacity to expand their operations could benefit in a big way.

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