The cannabis bill does not offer the promise of equity its framers claim


There are mornings when I choose to take a longer route to work just to take in the sights and greet some fellow constituents. For over a decade now I make a conscious decision each day to work, live, and prosper in Bridgeport. I practice law at my office located at the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Iranistan Avenue. Many in the city know the area to be one of many neglected regions in Bridgeport.

During my drive to work, I see nip bottles, lottery tickets, cigarette carts, and overall garbage that litter Barnum Avenue. What I see is no shock; private industries that make a profit off of vices, only see what they can take from communities and don’t see what they leave behind. Ironically, this is one of many of Bridgeport’s “Main Streets” that has been disregarded by private investors for a long time.

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