The Index’s Year-to-date Data For Most Of 2017 The Ancillary Products And Services Segment Of The Index Has Outperformed The Touching Segment, Particularly Since The End Of January.

Marijuana Stocks Are Having A Great 2017, Despite Sean Spicer But that downtrend was shortlived, as the index posted a 5.3 percent gain last week. We are not back up to year-to-date highs, but we did see the Index rise 5.3 percent, Viridian Capital Advisors analyst Harrison Phillips, who is in charge of the Cannabis Stock Index weekly report, told Benzinga.”If you go though the sector returns, we are still seeing quite a bit of variability between the returns,” he added. “Some of Green Rush these are due to the fact that there’s only a few companies in some of these sectors,” Phillips continued ,”so if one company moves rapidly, it will drag the whole sector one way of the other. If you look at the discrepancy, there’s a 60 percent difference between what [the] Physical Security [segment] did and what Consumption Devices did last week.” “So, evidence is showing that the diversified approach is probably the best bet, because, if you were concentrated in any one of these, it could go one way or the other pretty quickly, Phillips concluded. The Index’s Year-To-Date Data For most of 2017 the Ancillary Products and Services segment of the index has outperformed the Touching segment, particularly since the end of January. But that divergence has narrowed, with biotech reporting a 17.3 percent return last week. “We would expect that the Touching The Plant segment will end up being the higher returning one because of the higher risk, but with Spicer’s announcement, we’ll have to see where it goes, in the U.S. at least, with the recreational market,” Phillips said. Phillips pointed out that last week the index saw its highest amount of money flow year-to-date.

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