The Web Site, , Is Intended To Be A Retail Destination For Nutritional Supplements Containing Cbd To The Asian Market Through Both Online And In-store Sales.

According to SEC filings, CIIX generated $2.3mn in proceeds from stock sales of Medicine Man during calendar 2016. We estimate that the company has nearly exited this position, and that any remaining shares have been held debt collateral. CIIX has addressed short term liquidity needs, however, with the issuance of $4.7mn in Series C Preferred Stock, as disclosed in its 10-Q filed on January 23, 2017. CIIX launches first Cannabidiol (CBD) health products online store in the Chinese Language In February, CIIX launched what it has described as the first cannabidoil (CBD) health products online store in the Chinese language. The web site, , is intended to be a retail destination for nutritional supplements containing CBD to the Asian market through both online and in-store sales. The announcement follows CIIX’s plan to launch a Chinese language Yelp-style mobile app for locating dispensaries and discussing cannabis products in the US, and a December announcement that it had entered into an alliance with Chinese private equity firm Shenzhen Yuanrong PE Capital seek out opportunities in medical and recreational cannabis. Price target moves to $3.75 We are increasing our price target to $3.75 at this time, reflecting potential from the company’s legal cannabis initiatives. CIIX remains in the early stages of penetrating this market, however, the increased market opportunity and CIIX’s prior success in the cannabis industry with its investment in Medicine Man should support the view Medical marijuana that it can capitalize on a unique approach to broad cannabis industry growth. Please review important disclosures at .

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