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In addition to investing in land for grow operations, they have an arm of the company that helps people start and manage dispensaries. But most of the people that I’ve spoken with can’t afford to get involved with expensive firms, so many end up asking me about investing in stocks. If you’re interested in stocks There are a number of publicly listed companies involved in marijuana. There’s G.W. Pharmaceuticals on the NASDAQ, as well as several others on Canadian exchanges. Those are the ones that Alan Brochstein, who gives investment advice about cannabis companies, has been focused on. “The Canadian market is very interesting right now, because people had gains last year of 300 percent or more,” Brochstein said. “Not necessarily saying to buy them today, but this is where its at. … So, that success this year has really translated into a new marijuana phenomenon where people are trying to find other types of opportunities to extend beyond just becoming a licensed producer in cannabis.” But the vast majority of publicly listed cannabis businesses are penny stocks, he explained.

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