To Attract Competent And Capable Government Employees, The Benefits Were Often Better Than The Private Sector.

Paying for education is an investment that we all must make. Regarding the costs of city employees, historically, people would work for government at a lower rate of pay than the private sector. To attract competent and capable government employees, the benefits were often better than the private sector. We still need to have talented people Medical marijuana stocks work for government. It is important to review what the private sector pays for comparable employment and what benefits it provides to decide if that balance has changed. Jill Marie Ussach 1. What do you think is the biggest issue facing Ward 3, and what would be your approach to addressing it on the council? Improved schools to attract families; light manufacturing for better jobs and tax revenue; soil remediation at schools and Building #19 site; and public safety. The top issue is sustainable employment, which affects family life, the need for social services, disrupted education, and personal safety. The council isn’t responsible for bringing in new business, but we should work with city government on commercial taxes, zoning, and tax-increment financing to let people know we’re user-friendly to businesses. 2.

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