Two Years Ago, Abdul Osman Saw A Worldstar Video Of A Parking Booth Attendant Who Got Rich Through Investing And Was Now Advising Others, And Was Inspired To Do The Same.

In April of this year, with much encouragement from her cousin, a regular smoker and a passionate supporter of legalization, Chian Perkins also took the leap and bought shares in Canopy Growth. Two years ago, Abdul Osman saw a Worldstar video of a parking booth attendant who got rich through investing and was now advising others, and was inspired to do the same. It was around then that he discovered marijuana penny stocks, and invested in Nutritional High International. “Obviously, for people like us, coming from the bottom of the food chain, we need something with high risk and high reward because what are you risking when you’re at the bottom? That was my mentality… I found penny stocks and at the same time, I realized the marijuana industry was starting to boom, and the government is going to legalize.” Despite the legal limbo marijuana is in right now, Osman, a weed user with an encyclopedic knowledge of cannabis, is confident it’ll be a profitable industry. Specifically, he’s eyeing Medical marijuana concentrates and infused products, which the average person won’t be able to make at home. And he’s banking on a sky-high profit margin. “We’re all starting the race at the same time. You can invest in one of these companies in their infancy and make crazy gains,” he said.

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