UFC has signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year exclusive global partnership accord with Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB). As per the terms of the deal, the companies will engage in R&D of CBD products derived from hemp and target the athletes for their wellness and quick recovery benefits. They will also strive to educate the users about the benefits of advanced CBD products for injury prevention and to provide nutrition. The users will also know about the health and wellness benefits of using CBD products.

Clinical study of CBD products

Both Aurora and UFC have chosen Las Vegas, Nevada based UFC’s Performance Institute to conduct the research involving athletes and sports performance team of UFC. The focus of the study includes the application of CBD products to mitigate inflammation, pain, quick recovery from exercises, and injuries. Professor of the University of Alberta, Dr. Jason Dyck will lead the research of Aurora’s products.

Dana White, President of UFC, said the main aim of Performance Institute is to provide best nutrition, training, and recovery services to UFC athletes. The pact with Aurora is an extension of this target, and the company is looking for innovative ways to improve the safety and health of the athletes competing in the UFC.

Chief Executive Officer of Aurora, Terry Booth said the partnership mainly concentrates on wellbeing and health of the trained and talented athletes. The UFC-Aurora R&D partnership will introduce a global platform for awareness and educational campaigns. It will generate a myriad of opportunities for the growth of CBD products.

UFC fan base

UFC holds a fan base of over 300 million across the world in more than 170 nations and territories. The performance institute established in the year 2017 in Las Vegas provides educational services and support to athletes on nutrition, wellbeing, and health and injury prevention.

Aurora targets Germany

Aurora is targeting Germany in a big way to boost sales of cannabis. The company derived revenues of CAD 4 million through selling dried cannabis in EU. It accounts for 7% of the revenues. The company is streamlining distribution and production and with that revenues are expected to soar. It will post better earnings from these markets.